Hi, I’m Jack!

I’m a Staffordshire University graduate with a First Class BSc (Hons) Games Design and Programming.

I’ve got 6+ Years of experience doing game and app development educationally and commercially.

I am currently working in AR development predominately working on SYNSOL AR at Synectics Solutions. However I’m always looking for new projects to get involved with in my free time so please reach out!

Technical Skills:

Languages: C# (5 Years), JavaScript/Unity Script (4 Years)

Software Experience: Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Visual Studio, 3DS Max, Xcode, Android Studio, iTunes Connect, Google Play Developer Console.

Gameplay Programming: Various game projects in both Unity and Unreal Engine 4, including player controls, mechanics, enemy spawning systems, AI and UI.

Other: I have experience working in large groups with artists, designers and other programmers working on two, one year long projects, within these groups I have operated as a junior programmer and a senior programmer, as well as helping out in design roles.