UE4 Pinball

A simple framework for a pinball game I created to test deployment to mobile within UE4.

All objects are derived from a base table object class that holds all the information and functions to allow any interactions between the gamemode and the objects for modifying score and lives. There are different objects such as flippers, springs, bumpers and launchers to allow custom pinball tables to be built easily and a basic pinball, however child varients of all of these could be created to change there gameplay characteristics between different tables.

I mainly created this project to to test how deployment to mobile works within UE4 having done quite a lot of mobile development with other engines. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to setup the android SDKs and get levels deployed to devices for testing without having to build and copy across any APKs. I would definetly look to using UE4 for future mobile development projects.


3D Assets by Josh Edwards